A Glass Figurine for Mother’s Day

My sister is getting married in a few short weeks. Therefore, I’ve been seeing my family a lot lately in order to work on wedding preparations. Recently, my mom visited my house so that we could plan my sister’s wedding shower. During this visit, she admired a glass rose figurine at my home. She commented that she’d like to have a similar one to put in her curio cabinet. Therefore, I plan to make her happy by purchasing her a glass rose trinket for Mother’s Day this year. On this blog, you will discover the reasons to buy your mom a glass figurine this year for Mother’s Day.

Do You Need Energy-Efficient Windows In Your Home?


The windows in your house provide protection from the elements while allowing you to have natural sunlight and a view of the outdoors. You may have heard of energy-efficient windows, but you may be unsure about whether they would be beneficial for you and your home. Here are some reasons to consider them.

Saving on Cooling and Heating Bills 

Energy-efficient windows are much more effective at keeping the temperature consistent in your home. Cold air won't be creeping inside during the winter, and air-conditioned air won't be escaping into the summer heat. Energy-efficient windows will ensure that you're comfortable even when you're sitting in front of a window on a sunny day. 

As a result, you won't have to use your cooling and heating systems as much; that means lower utility costs. Not only that, but using those systems less often means less wear and tear on your HVAC systems, so they will last longer. That results in savings for you as well, because you may be able to avoid costly repairs.

Less Damage to Furniture and Linens

You may love to let natural light shine into a room. However, you may have already noticed that over time, anything in the path of sunlight soon becomes faded. Your curtains, upholstery on your couch and other items can become damaged as they absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays. It can seem as if you have to choose between your belongings and your desire for sunlight.

However, when you get energy-efficient windows, ultraviolet rays are blocked so that your things won't fade as much. You can preserve your belongings and they can retain their good looks.

Preservation of Window Frames

Depending on how old your home is, you may see signs that your window frames are in trouble. You might notice some rotting wood in the frames themselves, or you might see condensation or frost on the windows, which can lead to deterioration of the frames.

When you install new energy-efficient glass panels, you need not worry that window frames will eventually be damaged. Energy-efficient windows can reduce the chances of condensation, so the window frames will last.

Raising the Value of Your Home

While you might not want to sell your house today, in the future that may be something you want to do. Energy-efficient windows can help you sell your house for a higher price, because the buyer will not have to install those windows later. It's a good idea to talk to a professional real estate appraiser in the area; they can explain to you what kind of bump in price you can expect for installing energy-efficient windows before putting your house on the market. 

Now that you have some reasons to seriously consider energy-efficient windows in your house, consult a few glass contractors like ones at Northstar Glass Windows. They can help you better understand what kind of windows are best for your home. 


7 May 2015