A Glass Figurine for Mother’s Day

My sister is getting married in a few short weeks. Therefore, I’ve been seeing my family a lot lately in order to work on wedding preparations. Recently, my mom visited my house so that we could plan my sister’s wedding shower. During this visit, she admired a glass rose figurine at my home. She commented that she’d like to have a similar one to put in her curio cabinet. Therefore, I plan to make her happy by purchasing her a glass rose trinket for Mother’s Day this year. On this blog, you will discover the reasons to buy your mom a glass figurine this year for Mother’s Day.

Replacing A Small Window Pane Yourself


If you have a window consisting of several small panes of glass, and you accidentally break a pane, it can be repaired rather easily with a few household tools and some time. If the wood around the pane is broken in addition to the glass, call a glass repair company (such as City Window & Glass repair) to fix the damage. A cracked or shattered glass pane without wood damage is easier and you can repair it with the following instructions to guide you.

Materials You Will Need

  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Masking table
  • Hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers or tweezers
  • Chisel
  • Replacement pane of glass
  • Epoxy putty
  • Utility knife
  • Paint

Removing The Broken Pane

Put on a pair of heavy-duty gloves before you attempt to remove the broken glass so you do not become injured during the process. Place a tarp on the ground near the area you will be working so any shards of glass that fall will be easier to gather for disposal. Use masking tape to make a large letter "X" across the broken pane, sticking to both glass that is still intact and shards that are dangling from the area. Use a hammer to lightly tap on the pane so the pieces become dislodged. Try to direct the falling glass toward the tarp, if possible.

Pull any larger pieces of glass out of the wood frame with your gloved hands. If there are smaller slivers or shards stuck in the frame, use a pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers to pluck them from the area. Roll all glass in your tarp to toss into a recycling bin.

Placing The New Pane

Use a chisel to scrape any hardened pieces of putty from the wood frame. Carefully insert the new pane of glass into the groove of the frame. Have a friend help you by holding the pane in place while you prepare the putty used to adhere the glass to the frame. Place a piece of glass putty in your hand and roll it around between your fingers so the heat of your skin softens the material, making it pliable.

Roll out the putty into a pencil shape and place it along an edge of the glass your friend is holding in place. Use your finger to push the putty over the glass and the frame, helping to lock the pane into place. Allow the putty to harden. Cut any excess putty away from the pane of glass using a utility knife. Repaint around your window, if necessary.


11 May 2015