A Glass Figurine for Mother’s Day

My sister is getting married in a few short weeks. Therefore, I’ve been seeing my family a lot lately in order to work on wedding preparations. Recently, my mom visited my house so that we could plan my sister’s wedding shower. During this visit, she admired a glass rose figurine at my home. She commented that she’d like to have a similar one to put in her curio cabinet. Therefore, I plan to make her happy by purchasing her a glass rose trinket for Mother’s Day this year. On this blog, you will discover the reasons to buy your mom a glass figurine this year for Mother’s Day.

3 Types Of Cracks That Your Home Windows May Suffer And How To Avoid Them


Glass windows, especially those in older houses, can develop cracks over time. Believe it or not, this is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, these cracks can't always be prevented, but you can educate yourself on why the cracks occur so that you can possibly avoid those particular situations when possible. Read on to learn more about various types of cracks your window may suffer, why they happen and how you can attempt to prevent them.

1. Thermal Stress Cracks

This is probably the most common reason for small cracks in your home windows. Your window could crack if the temperature inside the home and outside the home are drastically different. They tend to appear at the edge of the glass pane and then work their way through the entire pane. Although temperature fluctuations are to blame majority of the time, it could also be due to a flaw in the design.

To combat these types of cracks, you could add some type of awning over the window to provide shade for the area. You could also consider purchasing heat-strengthened or tempered glass to minimize the changes in temperature that the glass is actually exposed to.

2. Pressure Stress Cracks

These types of cracks can occur in a number of situations. You may shut your window too hard, which could either break the window completely (if it is hard enough) or cause a small crack. It could also occur from the wood window frame expanding and contracting during weather changes, which puts additional stress on the glass panels of the window and could potentially cause a crack. A stress crack may also appear if the house is settling.

Essentially, these types of cracks are not really preventable. If you have old, wooden windows, you could replace them with more modern, stronger options. You could also keep an eye on your home's foundation to catch any issues early on so that they hopefully don't cause damage to your windows.

3. Impact Cracks

This type of crack occurs when something impacts the window directly. It will result in a starburst-like pattern. This could be from a piece of hail, a BB, a baseball or any other foreign object that may come into contact with the glass panel.

If you believe that a direct impact may have caused your window damage, you should evaluate the potential hazards in the area that may have caused this to occur now and possibly in the future. For example, you should trim branches near the windows and ensure that children in the area known to place baseball and other games involving foreign objects away from your home's windows. You may also want to consider installing window guards that could protect your windows from this type of damage.

When a window has a crack in it, it is extremely vulnerable to more damage. It could eventually cause the entire glass pane to break. Some cracks may be able to be repaired, but some may be so far gone that the entire pane needs to be replaced. A professional can examine the extent of the damage and provide a quote on what needs to be done. 


14 July 2015