A Glass Figurine for Mother’s Day

My sister is getting married in a few short weeks. Therefore, I’ve been seeing my family a lot lately in order to work on wedding preparations. Recently, my mom visited my house so that we could plan my sister’s wedding shower. During this visit, she admired a glass rose figurine at my home. She commented that she’d like to have a similar one to put in her curio cabinet. Therefore, I plan to make her happy by purchasing her a glass rose trinket for Mother’s Day this year. On this blog, you will discover the reasons to buy your mom a glass figurine this year for Mother’s Day.

Replacing Glass In A Sliding Shower Door


If you have a sliding glass shower door in your bathroom, and your glass has a crack within the pane, you will want to work quickly in having it replaced so no one becomes injured while showering. Replacing is better than repairing a cracked shower pane as the impact of water upon the affected area can cause it to shatter, even after a repair has been attempted. Most people would replace the entire door, but if you have an older model where it is difficult to get an entire door replacement, you may need to keep the enclosure and replace the glass portion yourself. Here are some instructions to help you remove your broken pane and replace it with a new piece of glass.

Removing The Glass

It is too risky to remove the entire glass pane while it is still in the shower enclosure, as the cracked portion could shatter while trying to direct the door from the track. For this reason, the glass should be broken yourself, as it will be a controlled break rather than an accidental one. Use masking tape to keep broken pieces from exploding all over you bathroom when you try to break the pane apart to remove the glass. Place pieces of masking tape across the crack perpendicularly to keep the mess minimal.

Place a tarp on the shower floor next to the glass door to help keep shards in one area. From the exterior of the shower, lightly tap on the glass with the wooden end of a hammer until the glass loosens from the enclosure. Pick out the pieces using gloved hands and place them on the tarp for removal when you are done.

Removing The Enclosure

The sliding door will need to be removed from your shower to be able to place a new sheet of glass. It is easy to take out a sliding door. Get inside your shower and grasp the sliding door with a hand on each side. Wear gloves with grippers on them to make it less likely your hands would slip out of place when removing the metal or plastic structure. Lift the door until it loosens from the track. Lift the bottom portion of the door toward your body and bend down slightly so it releases from the track completely.

Replacing The Glass

Place the door on a soft blanket so the new glass does not become scratched when you direct it into the enclosure. Place the glass within the opening and use waterproof glass putty to keep the pane in place. This material is pliable and can be rolled into cylindrical rope-like shapes to place in a parallel position along each edge of the glass. Center the pieces so half covers the glass and half covers the enclosure. Push into place with your finger and allow to dry. Turn the door over and repeat with all four sides. The sliding door can then be eased back into the track from the interior of your shower. 

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28 August 2015